Deluxe Packages & Bundles

Deluxe One-of-a-Kind Package

Package of 3: 45-minute customized facials: $269

regular price-$360

Love Your Skin Package

Package of 6: 30-minute chemical peels: $540 

This package corrects, lightens & hydrates the face for those with demanding skin. Chemical Peels remove the damaged outer layers of skin, revealing a younger, clearer, more radiant complexion.  

regular price-$720

Deluxe Corrective Bundle

Package of 8: 3x Photo Facials + 5x Laser Wrinkle Reduction: $2,550

This package of laser treatments targets wrinkles, skin elasticity, dark spots, melisma, pores & open capillaries. The results from this package are more visible than that from a few facials or chemical peels. With this package, you can expect a radiant, firm skin, with an evened out complexion. The best part is that these results are prolonged. 

regular price- $3,250

Belle Bundle

Package of 3: Photo Facials + 2x 30-minute Microdermabrasions: $699

regular price-$900

Detox Diet Bundle

Ion Magnum 4x +Solo Sauna 6x + dietary supplements: $1,899

Following our cleansing detox program allows your body to release toxic build up that we accumulate in our day to day activities. Put all of these wonderful methods for detoxification, relaxation & weight loss together, and you will look & feel amazing in no time! Make that commitment to your health & appearance.

The Ultimate Escape Bundle

Package of 3: customized facials + solo sauna sessions [each appointment will last 120 minutes]: $399

regular price-$540

Mastiha Action Bundle

A 90-minute session of Solo sauna + Mystiq Elite Facial: $149

This specific facial is great for sensitive skin. With the special unique ingredients of the orange plant stem cells & Mastiha, this facial promotes natural skin healing, brightening, & tightening.

regular price-$210

Acne Beware Bundle

Package of 3: 60-minute chemical peels + 8 LED Treatments: $550

The peels that are used are called the Sal Pulp, Green Herb, and Lactic Clear. Each peel has a specifically designed purpose which will all work together to refresh, resurface, & tighten your skin. In addition to the peels, the LED therapy treatment will reduce the appearance of mild scarring, hyper-pigmentation, inflammation and more!

regular price-$640

Smooth as Silk Bundle

Package of 6: laser hair removal treatments on the full legs + 6 body scrubs [your choice of either a Tahitian Sand or Coffee scrub]: $2,550

regular price-$3,250 

Deluxe Star Treatment Bundle

A single body scrub session + a 35-minute solo sauna session: $129

[your choice of either a Tahitian Sand or Coffee scrub + an optional South Seas spray tan]

regular price-$150

Cellulite Remover Bundle

40-minute Ion Magnum treatment + a Brightening Body Cleansing treatment + 30-minute body wrap & solo sauna treatment in one + application of Silk Soufflé & Cellulex body crèmes.

Single Trx 4 Trx 8 Trx + 2 free Ion Magnum Trx
Without Ion Magnum $130 $399 $799 (no free ion magnum Trx)
With Ion Magnum $230 $799 $1,599 (yes)

This incredible bundle is designed to fight the unsightly appearance of cellulite. Let’s face it, we all have cellulite to some degree and most women agree that they’d try anything to reduce it. Without the use of painful lasers or uncomfortable treatments, Deluxe Medspa designed this package to be pampering, luxurious, relaxing and most importantly, effective. By using innovative technology, organic products, and blood-flow stimulants, completing this package will leave your body looking amazing.

Natural Cleansing Bundle

Organic body cleansing treatment + 30-minute solo sauna treatment with LED Light Therapy treatment.

Single Trx Pkg of 3 Pkg of 8
$120 $299 $699

This face and body treatment truly gives you the best of both worlds! Our organic brightening body cleanser and solo sauna work splendidly to naturally purify and detoxify your body from invisible toxins. While this is happening, our esthetician will perform LED Light Therapy on your face to tighten and treat different skin conditions. Lately, people have been looking for the healthiest and best ways to cleanse their bodies. That is why we created this bundle, to focus on clients’ needs of wellness.