DeLuxe MedSpa is all about living a healthy lifestyle. The better you take care of yourself, the better you look. Your skin and appearance is directly related to the state of your organs. Through our cleansing detox program, you will allow your body to release toxic build up that has accumulated through day to day activities. Also, our program will reboot your body’s regulatory system back to healthy cycles. We offer a customized Detox program based on your personal needs and troubles.


Deluxe Medspa offers FitLine Nutritional Supplements with Cell Reset. The Cell Reset is a 28-day program in the first stage of supporting health and in the second stage of reducing the body mass and fat.

Cell Reset truly helps activate your body. This means you will feel younger, thus changing your life into a fit, slimmer, more energetic, healthier life. It all happens with the three phase lifestyle. Again, the concept of Cell Reset is the natural balance and optimization of hormonal and metabolic functions.

It is also important to view this lifestyle program, Cell Reset, as more than just a meaningless diet; it is a user manual for a modern life. This program is a change in nutrition, coupled with nutritional supplements, to promote a healthy meal plan and to ensure maximal uptake of necessary vitamins and minerals.

  • The first phase revolves around the purification of your body through detox.
  • The next phase is called Stabilization and Programming which lasts for about 3 months in order to stabilize your results.
  • The final phase, is called the Lifestyle phase. In this phase, all the guidelines will become like second nature, and you take care of your body.

With this lifestyle, you will see visible results. If you are skeptical, there are over 100,000 testimonies of satisfied customers.

At Deluxe, we pride ourselves for being personal to each client. We will help you choose the right plan for you in your journey to loosing weight and or detoxification. One popular option to consider is our Detox Diet Bundle. This bundle consists of four Ion Magnum treatments, six Solo Sauna treatments and lastly, we added our Fitline supplements in order to target all the remaining toxins. By focusing on both the inside and outside of your body, you will look and feel amazing no time. All you have to do is finally make that commitment to your health and appearance.