“Miracle Machine”

The Ion Magnum is a machine that uses waveform technology acting like a pacemaker smoothly flexing your muscles as if your are exercising! It is completely painless, and your body will experience the feeling of exercising because the machine will pulse your muscles, helping you become stronger, conditioned, toned and trained. The most exciting difference between regular exercise and using the Ion Magnum is that your body will burn fat instead of glucose! During regular exercise, your muscles turn to glucose and fat for energy to continue, but the harder you work out, pushing your muscles harder, they will begin to burn off glucose instead of fat. Unlike the time it takes to burn calories and fat, etc. with conventional exercise, the Ion Magnum achieves results in seventeen effortless minutes.

If you’re wondering about how safe this machine is, you will be happy to know that the Ion Magnum is registered by the FDA as a Class I device. It is the safest classification that any product can be determined and a couple of examples of items in this category are actually elastic bandages and surgical gloves.

Basically, the Ion Magnum is even called a “Miracle Machine” by the press because it helps a wide variety of people who cannot exercise properly/intensely. These people include: Diabetics, patients with heart disease or have any limitations of exertion, lymphatic conditions and overweight people. Also, Ion Magnum helps athletic performance enhancement, rehabilitation and even toning of women’s midsections after giving childbirth or having a c-section delivery.

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You can expect the following results:

  1. Increased muscle tone.
  2. Increased muscle mass (with certain settings).
  3. Increased skin firmness and elasticity.
  4. Decreased fat in the midsection and thighs.
  5. Reduced cellulite and fat.
  6. Significant loss of waist and thigh circumference.
  7. Leaner appearance.
  8. Improve blood flow to skin and muscles.
  9. Reduced appearance of stretch marks.

At Deluxe Medspa, we pride ourselves in having this health beneficial machine, among others that we use here at the spa. We offer single treatments, a package of 4 or even 8 with an additional 2 treatments for free!

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