Deluxe MedSpa is a new and luxurious medical spa located at 1905 W. Belmont Ave. Roscoe Village, Chicago, IL. We provide many different types of services spanning from laser treatments to facials to weight loss programs. Just click on any of the tabs, here on our website, in order to find out more, or give us a call: 1-312-971-8787.

Our hired staff is professional, kind, understanding and catering to our clients’ needs. Above all, our goal as a spa service is to not only help our clients reach their goals in skin rejuvenation but to also create a trusting relationship with every single one. We provide a pleasant and comfortable environment and we ensure you that you are in the hands of trained professionals with extensive knowledge about skin care.

Since we offer the best and newest technology for each service, it is only necessary for us to also carry Lira Clinical products. A little bit about this company, Lira Clinical provides corrective skin care and ultimate skin health through their smart skin care system. Their products are Paraben and Polyethylene-free; they combine exclusive plant derived stem cell technology with age-defying peptides and healing minerals to achieve youthful-looking, healthy skin. In addition to safe procedures and services, we sell top of the line spray tan, bronzer, and exfoliating products. These products come from the famous South Seas company which celebrities use on “Dancing with the Stars.” All in all, even our products go along with our theme of comfort, originality, and effectiveness.

Our spa has free street parking and the neighborhood itself is quiet yet lively with up in coming local businesses, nail salons, and pizzerias. Overall, we have a great location surrounded by families while only being a short 20 minutes away from downtown Chicago.


At DeLuxe MedSpa we pride ourselves on having advanced equipment and technology to serve you creating a long-term, unique treatment plan that slows down the aging process and help create a more beautiful you.

Recapture your youth here at Deluxe Medspa. For instance, if you have any of the following: Rosacea, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, sun spots, or even Eczema spots, a FOTO Facial laser treatment is an option for you. At DeLuxe Medspa you will always find the newest and most effective technology on the market because we believe in minimizing pain and maximizing results.