Deluxe Medspa’s Facial Menu

Types of Facials Offered at Deluxe Medspa Per Trx Trx Time
Mini Customized Facial

This is the perfect treatment to get yourself when you have a tight schedule. Each mini facial will be customized to fit your skin type and targets those troubled areas all before you need to pick up your kids from school or make it back to work on time.

$50 20 minutes
Balancing Facial

This facial leaves your skin exfoliated & toned to bring that Zen balance back to your oily t-zone & dry cheeks.

$70 30 minutes
Lifting Facial

This facial delivers immediate, visible effects on your skin. This facial is designed with a unique blend of anti-aging ingredients & is combined with special lifting techniques to give you the fresh & youthful appearance.

$75 30 minutes
Acne Relief Facial

Get the relief and treatment you need. We target acne by exfoliating, detoxifying & extracting your skin with organic ingredients, healing minerals & more.

$75 30 minutes
European Facial

Our signature facial consists of a facial massage with herbal creams to soften your skin, a soothing steam to expand your pores to get rid of unwanted toxins, a beautifying mask & more. This facial encompasses all the essential steps for balancing & beautifying every skin type.

$75 45 minutes
Gentleman’s Facial

This executive facial is the ultimate workout for your skin. We will wipe away discoloration and tighten up the eye area for a healthy, energized look.

$80 45 minutes
Acne Essential Facial

Relaxing & effective, this facial will cleanse your skin, reduce redness and relieve skin tension. Ask our aesthetician to do a consult for best results.

$85 45 minutes
Hydrating Caviar Facial

With this elite treatment, experience the luxurious & hydrating effects of Caviar. Give yourself the gift of luxury.

$95 45 minutes
Lira Lux Treatment

This is another signature facial of ours because it promotes ultra-hydrating & optimal skin renewal. Indulge with features such as the Mineral Retinol Solution, infused with healing gold and silver minerals. No wonder it’s one of the most popular treatments!

$100 60 minutes
Back Facial

Give your back the skin care it deserves. We can target problematic skin & hydrate this much neglected part of your body.

$120 60 minutes
Pumpkin Anti-aging Treatment (seasonal)

A unique twist on a classic treatment, this pumpkin solution contains anti-aging plant stem cells, retinol, antioxidant rich pomegranate extract & advanced peptide technology.

$120 60 minutes
Brightening Plus Treatment

This treatment features the peptide & plant stem cell infused PRO Firming Serum & the Mystiq Lifting Masque for a luminous lift.

$120 60 minutes
Mystiq Elite Treatment

Lift & illuminate skin with sumptuous products from Lira Clinical’s Mystiq line. We use orange plant stem cell to increase elasticity, Vitamin C to nourish the skin, & Mastiha, which promotes natural skin brightening & tightening.

$150 60 minutes
Deluxe Collagen Treatment

This specific, most luxurious treatment includes the vita brite enzyme with vitamin C (for hydrating, brightening, tightening, and exfoliating effects) and collagen ampoule combined with hyaluronic acid to penetrate your skin. Note, both hyaluronic acid and collagen are natural ingredients already present in your skin. This facial is designed to amplify collagen production as well as refill these missing elements– resulting in tighter, more radiant skin.

$150 60 minutes
Summer Lovin’ Treatment (seasonal)

This exclusive facial is our top recommendation for our clients who are in need of a little facial lovin’ during the summer-time. Specially created by our trained estheticians, this facial uses active anti-oxidants, collagen, and caviar. You’ll love summer so much more knowing that your skin is protected from the sun but also because you’ll feel more confident in your renewed, radiant, hydrated and tightened skin.

$150 75 minutes


 Facial Package Levels: Uniquely picked to suit each client.
Basic Package of 3

This package consists of our less expensive, milder and merely preventative facials. These facials are mainly chosen for clients without any specific skin conditions. Balancing and Hydrating is the focus of this package.

Essential Package of 3

This package consists of our moderately expensive facials ranging from the acne essential facial to the Lira Lux Treatment facial. These set of facials are more penetrative and are designed to be more exfoliating and corrective than the Basic Package facials.

Executive Package of 3

This package consists of both the gentleman facial and the back facial, specifically catering to men who wish to take care of their appearance.

Royalty Package of 3

This package consists of our luxurious facials– ultra hydrating, exfoliating, brightening, and rejuvenating.

It Takes Two Package of 3

Top level treatments consisting of a combination of both luxurious facials AND peels. It doesn’t get any more luxurious, effective and rejuvenating than this package of 3.